Making Your Boutique Laundry Experience Better

Wildcat Express Laundry offers a remarkable experience that no other laundromats in Lexington, Kentucky can provide. Our spotless facility, safe environment, friendly staff, and state-of-the-art washers and dryers set us apart from the rest.

What’s most impressive about our laundromat is we are the only one in the area that uses advanced technology through our coinless payment system. With our revolutionary Debit/Credit Card X-Changer, you can get your laundry done conveniently and in a shorter time than it used to take you.

How You Can Use It

Using the Debit/Credit Card X-Changer is easy. There will be instructions on how to use the machine posted at the station. Our friendly on-site attendant can also give you a live tutorial.

Maximize Your Laundry Card Through the X-Changer

Through the Debit/Credit Card X-Changer, you can use cash or credit and debit cards to load funds onto your Laundry Card. If you have some left on your card, don’t worry! You just have to put it in your wallet and use it on your next visit.

Additionally, when you register your Laundry Card, you will earn points and prizes for every dollar spent.

Utilize our entire facility through your SmartWash Club Card. You can use this card for everything, including:

  • Availing of Our Wash, Dry, and Fold Services
  • Using Our Washers and Dryers
  • Utilizing Our Vending Machines

We offer the following programs to help you save money and win prizes:

  • Business Card Raffle
  • Gift Card Program
    • You receive a $5-bonus for every $50 you put on the card.
  • Wash-To-Win Program on the Laundry Card
    • The more you wash, the more you earn points and receive extra money that will be added to your laundry card.

Our machines are bilingual (Spanish and English). ¡Todos los hispanohablantes son bienvenidos!

Spend a relaxing time in our laundry shop by using our complimentary Wi-Fi while enjoying snacks and beverages from our vending area. So, unplug those washers and dryers at home, put some time back in your day, and let us wow you with our concierge service.

You’ll start looking forward to laundry day!

Choose Our Laundromat Today

Let our welcoming and friendly staff help with all your laundry needs. If you have questions about our services, reach out to us. We will get back to you as soon as possible.